Building a Better Language App (Part 2): Introducing Russian Q&A

So, we’ve explored the problems with current language apps. Let’s get a high-level overview of how I’m addressing them. Since I’m beginning my Russian language challenge, it only seems appropriate to start with Russian.

App Promo 1.001.jpeg

App Promo 1.002.jpegApp Promo 1.003.jpegApp Promo 1.004.jpegApp Promo 1.005.jpegApp Promo 1.006.jpegApp Promo 1.007.jpegApp Promo 1.008.jpegApp Promo 1.009.jpegApp Promo 1.010.jpeg

App Promo 1.011.jpegApp Promo 1.012.jpegApp Promo 1.013.jpeg


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