Swimming in Swift

Aside from my language learning goals, the next three months are all about gaining a deeper understanding of Swift. (After that, I’ll go full-force into development, with the intention of building a portfolio of 3-4 apps and landing a developer job. But that’s later.) 

Why iOS programming?

I want to build awesome, beautifully-designed apps that help people learn languages better and faster. As someone who teaches languages in a classroom and studies several solo, I’m aware of the upsides (and downsides) of learning through apps and the Internet. Instead of preaching about what I know, however, I’d like to actually apply it.

Since March, I’ve acquired a pretty solid foundation in Objective-C and Swift and even designed a prototype for a language-learning app (which I’m currently developing). But, as with languages, I’m dissatisfied with my existing skills.

Today, I’m starting the Complete iOS9 Developer Course and the Complete Apple Watch Developer Course on Udemy. By the time I finish, I’ll have built 80 apps. As a longtime fan of AppCoda and Ray Wenderlich, I’ll supplement these courses with other tutorials. And to stay immersed in code on MRT rides, there’s always Swifty.

The ride should be interesting. Be on the lookout for updates.


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